Africa, A Land Of Unexpected Pleasures

Africa, A Land Of Unexpected Pleasures

All I have ever wanted to do is travel and help people, making nursing the perfect undergraduate major for me. There is job security wherever I go, not to mention the decent pay. After spending so much time within the limitations of Alabama, I am eager to get out into the world and be amazed. Whether it is studying abroad in France, or doing a mission trip with Doctors without Borders in the West Coast of Africa, I am ready.

Do not misunderstand me when I say this; I am not ready in the sense that I am prepared for what awaits me, because no one can ever truly be equipped for the unknown. What I anticipate is the culture shock like  السياحة في كيرلا , the jet-lag, and above all the mind-boggling proof that there are people out there with completely different histories, ideals, and ways of living. It may seem like common sense that there are people out there that are different from me, but to experience that personally and see just how drastically different we are, that is my desire. I seek to learn from these kind strangers and expand my schemas of what it means to be a good person and to live a good life. Every place I go will leave an imprint on my views of the world, and I hope to incorporate their unique ideas and manners of style into my own life. I wish more people shared my enthusiasm for change and the expansion of our mental capacities.

Traveling is exhilarating and life-changing so what is it holding people back from traveling? Some claim they cannot afford it but little do they know that an adventure does not have to cross borders or break the bank. It may be simply going to a local farmer’s market for the first time or trying a hike at one of America’s many state parks, like I did during Spring Break at Cheaha. Sometimes all you have to do to notice something new is look up from your daily routine and take in your surroundings.

Others fear the risk of travel because it requires going outside of their comfort zone. People tend to congregate themselves in groups of shared interests and beliefs. When traveling, one cannot help but compare and reconsider everything. Many people, I have found, have no desire to hear a different point of view or learn about an alternative way of doing something. They are inherently objective to change and therefore stick to their established routines in ignorant bliss. I am not one of those people.

Today Americans lack the curiosity our ancestors possessed that drove them to leave their villages and explore oceans, seeking something better. Perhaps that is the problem with modern conveniences. We have grown so comfortable and “knowledgeable” about what is out there, the world seems smaller than it once was. Most people think they do not see the need to go to the Grand Canyon because they have already viewed it online or in the movies. However, anyone who has ever gone to the Grand Canyon will tell you that it is something that must be felt and lived to truly be understood. We have forgotten the enormous impact of personal experience. Pictures preserve the memories of the photographer, and it is time we stop relying on others’ adventures and start making our own. We as a society must regain our curiosity and sense of adventure; it is the only way we can live up to the diverse and freedom-based ideals America was built on.